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Enterprise Solutions

Over the past decade video surveillance has migrated from analog closed circuit television systems with point-to-point connections to modern digital systems that run on IP networks. SurveillanceGrid designs and deploys enterprise video surveillance systems that can scale to hundreds or thousands of cameras spread across geographically dispersed facilities. SurveillanceGrid offers new and innovative video analytics technology coupled with PSIM solutions that ensure incidents are no longer trapped within disparate systems, but brought together in context and integrated into your companies security policies and operations for analysis and resolution ensure a powerful, comprehensive and open physical security.

Whether you're deploying video surveillance at a single location or across multiple corporate sites, and geographic locations, or adding cameras to an existing deployment or performing a comprehensive upgrade of a legacy system, SurveillanceGrid has an enterprise solution for your business needs. Drop us a line and let us know your project needs.

Our digital video surveillance solutions are capable of scaling to thousands of cameras and leverage hundreds of camera types and manufacturers. SurveillanceGrid delivers surveillance solutions for corporate security that enhances your organization’s overall security infrastructure while improving efficiency and effectiveness.

SurveillanceGrid designs Enterprise solutions based on our customers' needs. We build surveillance networks that feature the latest camera IP Megapixel technology coupled with point-to-multipoint secure encrypted radio technology, providing a complete, pre-configured and easy to install outdoor wireless video systems for surveillance.