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Wireless Networks

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Wireless Networking Technologies

Unlike conventional wireless video surveillance systems the SurveillanceGrid Wireless Technology is based on high resolution IP and thermal video cameras and the AIRAYA wireless bridge. Each unit is fully tested and pre-configured to a customers’ specification before the systems are delivered to installation sites, guaranteeing seamless integration into existing networks. SurveillanceGrid’s bridging technology minimizing RF interference. Our modular design allows for fast and easy perimeter installations that feature H.264 compression and cameras that are able to stream 8 Megapixel's of video resolution which is 21 times normal analog camera resolution using only 6 Mbps of network capacity. SurveillanceGrid® IP-based open architecture, selectable bandwidth management capability, and enterprise class performance assures reliability, predictability and scalability for real-time, high resolution distributed wireless IP video installations.

SurveillanceGrid/AIRAYA radios are capable of handling the high throughput requirements of video applications due to low latency Layer 2 operation, and tuning parameters to optimize the links. The WirelessGRID backhaul radios offer the ultimate in installation flexibility with over 500 channels available through user-selectable features which include: 5, 10, 20 and 40 MHz wide channels, user selectable power settings and user selectable frequency range from 2.2-2.5 and 4.4-6.1 GHz. AIRAYA’s superior time sensitive packet performance is a function of the user selectable tunable parameters combined with low latency operation in a single link and the ability to address scalability with co-located high density links. AIRAYA’s 108/216 Mbps WirelessGRID OFDM technology allowed AIRAYA and IP Vision to design a network that met the customer’s rigorous requirements.

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Founded in 2009, SurveillanceGrid is a premier provider of IP-surveillance systems, integrating video surveillance, access control and building automation into a Seamless Security solution that allows access and control to the user where they are.