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Modular components tailored to your requirements


By eliminating AC Power, long conduit and CAT 5/6 runs; SurveillanceGRID® provides the Renewable Energy Industry with a clean energy video surveillance solution using Best-of-Breed technologies. The solution can never be compromised by power interruptions and coverage areas over 800 feet linear distance with interlocking views where no pole is unprotected.

The Autonomous Pole

•Battery Sub-systems for:

Solar Power

Continuous Power Bridge

Universal Power Supply (UPS)

            Power Conditioning

• Infrastructured Grade Secure Wireless Connectivity

• Cellular Connectivity

• Full Range of IP Cameras

• Thermal Imaging Cameras

• Radar Detection and Imaging

• Gunshot Detection

• Security Operations Center Integration

The SurveillanceGrid Autonomous Pole requires ‘No’ direct power or communications infrastructure or cabling, no trenching required. SureveillanceGrid provides  the Renewable Energy and Traditional Energy Industry with a clean energy video surveillance solution.

By combining solar technology, video surveillance and wireless networking systems SurveillanceGrid solutions can operate autonomously for months and even years providing a secure clean environment for Critical Infrastructure or other remote areas in need of video surveillance and wireless connectivity.  Contact us to find out how we can help you reduce your capital expenditures by installing a solar power solution instead of running power cables to power your remote applications.


SurveillanceGrid offers a comprehensive suite of professional services providing operators with streamlined and simplified program management from planning to deployment of video surveillance and access control projects. Our in depth knowledge and expertise in end-to-end services can prove critical for ensuring a high quality network – one capable of delivering your evolving business objectives. We serve as your single source for all services with every step fully integrated to ensure quality, cost-efficient installation, and service delivery, as well as enabling hassle-free ongoing operation.

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