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School and university campuses should be a place of fun and happiness and it is important that they stay that way.

Offer a Safe Environment
Why SurveillanceGrid?

School and university campuses should be a place of fun and happiness and it is important that they stay that way. Vandalism, sexual predators and school shootings are an unfortunate product of our society at times, but with a solid security plan, and a comprehensive and well integrated surveillance and access control system from SurveillanceGrid schools can proactively avert potentially dangerous situations and offer a safe environment for everyone. 


In today’s dynamic school system, it is important that schools have security set up that can monitor persons arriving and leaving the campus on foot and in automobiles to ensure safety of; students, staff, employees, and to guard the campus from theft and vandals.


For many school campuses, having security cameras in the halls, building perimeter, playground, campus parks, stadiums, gymnasiums and open areas to observe the coming and going of students goes beyond finding those who are skipping out on class, it is more about safety and keeping the school environment safe and secure.


With cameras outside the school, you can not only monitor the students, you can also monitor those around the schoolyard and diffuse a confrontational situation before it happens. SurveillanceGrid’s intelligent security systems can detect someone standing by a fence, or someone loitering on school grounds. With camera analytics and other features such as facial recognition, license plate recognition, and biometrics our security systems can identify unauthorized personnel and avert potential problems.



Other Applications


Daycare centers can use SurveillanceGrid’s remote viewing capabilities to allow parents to view live video streams of their child in the classroom and playground from anywhere in the world, ensuring safety and peace of mind. For daycare centers, this gives them the air of looking out for the children and being totally open by allowing parents to view the school using the latest video technology and surveillance systems.

School vandalism costs everyone a lot of time and money. With SurveillanceGrid’s comprehensive fully integrated security systems school administrators can monitor their campuses 24/7 from vandals, thieves and dangerous individuals. With over 25 years of network and solution design experience, SurveillanceGrid’s Seamless Security offers comprehensive and complete set of products and solutions for educators, school and university campuses.

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