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Remotely access video surveillance footage, both live and recorded no matter where you are in the world

Complete Coverage of your Business
Why SurveillanceGrid?

There are many different possibilities to choose from when selecting a security solution for your business. Foremost, you must select a reputable security professional to conduct a security risk assessment of the interior and exterior premises of your business. The results of this assessment are used to develop your security plan. The right security solution is critical in order to keep your employees safe, and your business secure from theft and vandalism. SurveillanceGrid guarantees that all security components, from risk assessment, access control, video surveillance and the point-of-sale (POS) systems are integrated seamlessly providing you with a complete and thorough security solution. 


SurveillanceGrid solutions provide complete coverage of your business and we work with in your budget to re-purpose existing equipment and integrate new technology giving your business a solution that meets your needs. SurveillanceGrid designs security solutions allows business owners to remotely access video surveillance footage, both live and recorded no matter where you are in the world. You can view your business over an internet connection at home or even have a video feed sent to your smart phone. If an alarm is tripped, you can simply check your video feed rather than rushing back to your office or store to check on things.


SurveillanceGrid deploys best-of-breed digital recording systems that keep a record of what has happened with crystal clear video resolution. Businesses can choose from one-channel, man-portable units for covert surveillance, to a facility-wide distributed enterprise system. Evidentiary footage stored on digital media can be indispensable in proving who committed a theft or burglary, plus it can safeguard your reputation against false claims of harassment or wrongful detention. Many insurance carriers offer discounts for businesses that deploy a comprehensive video surveillance solution.

Because SurveillanceGrid's methodology was born in the the real world and raised on the city streets, we understand and appreciate how critical it is to ensure your system’s security, reliability, performance and scale are never going to be issues for your business in the future.

Video Surveillance

Security systems that cover entries and exits to your business, as well as sensitive areas, such as anywhere cash is handled.

Access Control

Installing and integrating access control systems; RFID, biometrics and recognition technology (license plate & facial)

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