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Network SurveillanceGrid is a service that supports network surveillance for small-medium municipal and police networks. It provides collection, storage, access, visualization, and analysis based on network traffic.

We have assembled a team of highly credentialed and experienced protection and Cyber Security experts to support our efforts to develop our architecture and standards of practice.

  • Top flight of subject matter experts

  • Partnered with top local and regional talent

  • The most trusted names in cyber security

  • Decades of proven experience on your side

  • Global understanding applied to your unique situation

  • Sound advice that top decision-makers follow

  • Technical details that make common sense

  • Reasonable and prudent practices tuned to your needs

  • Efficient, effective, and supportive

  • Non-invasive / non-disruptive processes

  • Non-judgmental approach

  • Sound advice and support for applying it

Contact us to receive more information or send us a message.

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