With the increase need to do more with less, many communities are turning to video surveillance technology to cost effectively protect people, property and to control access to the community.

A Wise Investment for HOA's
Why SurveillanceGrid?

Video surveillance is without a question a powerful tool for public safety, and with the increase need to do more with less, many communities are turning to video surveillance technology to cost effectively protect people, property and to control access to the community.


The demand for video installations within communities is growing rapidly. An obvious benefit of video surveillance is 24/7 monitoring of both remote areas in the community, and public locations such as pools, tennis courts, parks, and  property entry points. Whether used for live monitoring, recording, or both, video has proven to be invaluable for identifying individuals, spotting criminal activity, and recording accidents and other events within communities. 


While some gated communities such as, condominium complexes or assisted living centers can pay the cost of having a security guard on site, it makes much more sense to have a security surveillance system set up to ensure that there is constant vigilance, without the need for someone being there. The cameras will be able to watch over the recreation areas, and the DVRs will give home owner associations the ability to watch what happened the night before in case of vandalism. It really is an all-encompassing security system that gated communities must have.


A wise investment in a surveillance system to ensure that property and persons are kept safe within the community can save an HOA unnecessary costs. For many HOA's, this is a small price to bear in order to give their residents some peace of mind and safety.  Personal injury liability is another exposure for HOAs.  Recorded images or videos of incidents related to liability claims, can be invaluable in the investigative process to establish the facts rather than just claims.  Slip & fall injuries around pool decks, meeting rooms, parking lots, and alike, can be quickly resolved with confidence and cost effectiveness as false claims can be denied or rejected.


SurveillanceGRID has successfully deployed video surveillance systems that provide remote access, monitoring and recording of incidents that have assisted public safety officials in keeping communities safe. 

Our Expertise in selecting the Right Solution for Your Community.


A SurveillanceGrid solution can provide a quick return on investment for HOA's. A comprehensive surveillance and access control system can yield savings within months of placing security cameras in clubhouses, parking lots, parks, pools and playgrounds. Once the system is deployed HOA's are able to monitor and prevent theft and vandalism within the community. These can either be security cameras are conspicuous and highly visible, or security cameras that are hidden or covert. Either way, they accomplish the same task of preventing theft, and ensuring that vandals are caught and held accountable after stealing or damaging property. For a relatively low-cost of security cameras, and a surveillance Network Video Recording System, a homeowner association can literally save thousands of dollars on stolen items from their community.

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