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Clean energy video surveillance and access control solutions using Best-of-Breed technologies.

Seamless Industry-Leading Surveillance Solutions
Why SurveillanceGrid?

SurveillanceGRID® provides Critical Infrastructure with clean energy video surveillance and access control solutions using Best-of-Breed technologies. Over the past 9 years SurveillanceGrid is committed to protecting our critical infrastructures and key assets from terrorist exploitation, and other physical security threats. Intelligent video algorithm coupled with a collaboration command and control application are the brains of the solution and enables unparalleled protection, performance and reliability that does not require excessive CPU and bandwidth resources. Using state-of-the-art video analytics that consumes zero bandwidth in the absence of relevant events; only qualified alarm images are pushed to the alarm center for verification and response. 


Using interlocking camera field of views, 360-degree viewing, thermal imaging technology, radar with tracking analytics and camera sabotage detection, as well as emergency power back up, all of our solutions are completely autonomous, redundant, failsafe, clean power solutions. The same concept easily secures a 100 kW facility and can be scaled to secure a 600+ MW facility, airports, dams, city water supplies and more.   


With over 2.5 Giga Watts protected, SurveillanceGRID® delivers seamless industry-leading surveillance solutions coupled with intelligent video content analysis applications backed by an experienced proven design and deployment service aimed at protecting critical infrastructure. Our integrated approach with wireless and video analytic technology combined with SurveillanceGRID®’s proven experience in building secure systems, delivers superior coverage, performance, and economical solution for today’s increasingly demanding solar and energy power plant.

Our Expertise in protecting Critical Infrastructure and Key Assets Our solutions are implemented at two of the world’s largest renewable industry power plants, airports, municipal water assets. We are experienced in deploying wireless surveillance solutions with our Strategic Partner, offering our customers a real-time Interactive video collaboration system for mission critical operations

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