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Facility perimeter, building interior and interview room surveillance with 100% coverage with high resolution image and audio quality



Public Safety

The Challenge


Innovative, Reliable, Affordable, Scalable Facility Hardening


The customer wanted to upgrade its older, inoperative analog CCTV system to newer, IP-enabled surveillance technology as well as integrate its downtown camera system on to a single platform. The driving requirement for the upgrade was twofold: 1st to provide the Police Department with perimeter and interior safety and security monitoring of visitors, staff, officers and processed perpetrator’s; 2nd to capture higher-resolution video and audio recordings in the interview rooms to gather evidence of incidents for investigations. The main challenge was physically replacing and integrating the existing Coax with the new Ethernet infrastructure needed. The process which could NOT be lengthy, complex, and disruptive to the police department, had to be managed strategically as not to disrupt operations that could well pose potential safety hazards to staff that processes and jail’s perpetrator’s, posed an additional challenge of integrating two completely different security systems – older Coax, newer IP. 

The Solution

100% coverage of the perimeter of Gilroy Police Department Headquarters, high resolution video and audio in all interview rooms, jail and lobby. The approach includes, multi-lens cameras to provide situational awareness around the Police Department, covert cameras in the interview rooms to provide detailed audio and visual information. SurveillanceGrid is a forward thinking systems integrator that has learned from experience that successful projects do not just happen. They are a result of doing the right thing, the right way, in the right order using the right technology.

The Results

To make the project cost-effective for the department, SurveillanceGrid used NVT’s over Coax IP enabling switches. The plug-and-play NVT’s transformed the Coax into a power-packed PoE/IP platform. The solution eliminated cable runs and reused the existing Coax infrastructure resulting in savings to the department. SurveillanceGrid’s deployment methodology is repeatable, predictable, and scalable throughout the PD headquarters. Upgrading the large two story concrete building was quick and easy from analog to IP with very little disruption to police operations. The system is now an integrated, more efficient way of managing the Police Departments technology footprint while providing them an easy future-proof path to integrate, upgrade and expand their camera and access control network.


Gilroy Police Department

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