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City of Hollister successfully manages technology securing a very large scale active event

"Best Public Safety Project" at Secured Cities 2015



Security Technology Executive Innovation Gold Award Winner Secured Cities: Best Public Safety Project 2015


Public Safety

Active Viewing. Active Patrolling. Force Multiplier.


Using technologically advanced video surveillance cameras coupled with the use of intelligent real-time applications and team collaboration tools, the Hollister Police Department revolutionized the management, resource deployment and information delivery to provide security for the 2015 Hollister Bike Rally. This innovative approach of multi-sensor analysis harnessing the Internet of Things (IoT) provides a template for enhancing the situational awareness needed for law enforcement management of large events and incidents. The technology layers exponentially enhanced the power of existing camera systems. It provides a path forward for jurisdictions of all sizes looking to use technology to enhance public safety operations.

Each year on the 4th of July the City of Hollister (population 38,000 with a department of 28 sworn members) hosts a biker rally of tens of thousands of bikers. The three-day event has an attendance of over 100,000 concentrated over a twelve block footprint. The rally features motorcycle riders flaunting their rides on the main drag, live music, beer gardens, food vendors, and is free to the public. Unfortunately, the rally also brings a significant number of Outlaw Motorcycle Gang members to the event and a significant criminal element; known as the 1%’ers.

Integrated technology layers of a robust 60 camera surveillance system which enhances responsiveness to public safety, coupled with the introduction of location-based social media monitoring and the implementation of a web-based resource command and control systems. These systems working together on an integrated platform greatly enhanced situational awareness which empowered active monitoring and active patrolling; addressed potentially dangerous circumstances and thwarted incidents before they escalated. The City of Hollister offers an effective real world example and path forward for jurisdictions looking to use technology to enhance their public safety response. 

Budgets and needs are often at opposing ends of the financial spectrum. However, problems, many times, may be broken down into manageable pieces that can be solved if a long-term strategic view is taken. SurveillanceGrid Integration Inc. worked with the Hollister Police Department, the City of Hollister IT Director and City Officials to understand the complexity of managing and keeping a heterogeneous public event safe. Long term and near term requirements were assessed to see what the manageable pieces of a solution would look like. Working with city stakeholders the current budget environment was anticipated which allowed the development of a workable plan. Together, we designed a system that not only met the requirements of the annual Biker Rally but also served as a template that will allow the city of Hollister’s Police Department to continue to integrate the latest technologies and applications. The net result gave the Hollister Police Department and the City of Hollister a “Future Proof” solution and a verifiable return on their investment.


City of Hollister Police Department

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