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Surveillance+access control provide real security and a means to reduce costs which in the future opens the door to generate new revenue stream




SurveillanceGrid successfully deploys a fully integrated secure video surveillance, access control and monitoring solutions


SurveillanceGrid has successfully deployed a fully integrated secure video surveillance, access control and monitoring solution for the Silicon Valley Fitness Center in San Jose, California. The new SurveillanceGridTM solution integrates as well as extends the customer’s existing membership verification system and provides the owner anytime, anywhere, any web enabled device access to the fitness centers video surveillance camera system The system provides 100% video surveillance coverage and perimeter monitoring of the multiple fitness centers which encompasses approximately 8600 square feet each and several access control locations that in the past have been difficult to monitor. 

By providing “unmanned” access to the fitness center, Silicon Valley Fitness now provides their customers with increased operational hours to its’ weight training, aerobic and fitness facilities while reducing its overhead and operational cost. This cost savings will allow the facility to add services and state of the art gym equipment providing a fitness center that meets their customers’ needs.


Small/Medium Business


Silver Creek Fitness and Physical Therapy Centers

Providing Small-Medium Businesses with Fully Integrated and Scalable Surveillance and Access Control Solutions

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