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Active Viewing. Active Patrolling. Force Multiplier.


The South San Francisco Housing Authority is a beautiful complex located in the hills just south of San Francisco, with beautiful views of the San Francisco Bay.  Normally, a quiet neighborhood with established resident, there began an increase in vandalism, burglary, and dumping.  The Housing Authority selected SurveillanceGrid to deploy a community wide wireless video surveillance system.  The deployed system is completely wireless with Ruckus Wireless and  high resolution Mobotix cameras  to provide the community with 24/7 monitoring and recording.  At the entrance to the community a License Plate camera captures license plates of all vehicles entering and exiting the community.  Cameras located at strategic locations allows the Community Manager to view the perimeter, parking lots, common gathering areas and roadways.  Access to the cameras is restricted to prevent unauthorized viewing and privacy masks are used to block all resident windows and doors. The system has been used on several occasions to solve crimes and report illicit criminal behavior. Since the initial installation South San Francisco Housing Authority has expanded the footprint to include community dumpsters, and buildings.  The system has been successful in reducing and preventing crimes and is helpful in prosecuting individuals caught in the act of committing a crime.




South San Francisco Housing Authority

South San Francisco Housing Authority Deploys Video Surveillance System for Enhanced Security

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